Professional camera cleaning and repair services

At BK Camera Repair, our technicians have been cleaning and repairing cameras for the nation's amateur and premier professional photographers for over 15 years.  We are committed to high quality service with a quick turnaround time at an affordable price that makes us one of the best in the industry.  



"I began using BK camera shortly after NPS left the Chicago area. Since then I have been entrusting them for all my cleaning and repairs. The cleanings are quick and thorough and repairs are faster and less costly than my experiences with NPS.  Not to mention the personal relationship--They are the BEST!"

-David Durochik//Photographer.  For information regarding his work, visit:  David Durochik//SportsPics.  Click here for work inquiries.  

"My Nikon D3 camera and Nikkor 80-200F2.8 AF-S lens suffered serious impact damage at a recent High School Football game.  You fixed it for exactly what you quoted.  Your communication throughout the entire repair process was outstanding.  Thank You to all who were a part of the repair process and getting my gear back in a timely manner."

-David Krugley//Photographer.  Click here for work inquiries.  

"Words cannot express my gratitude towards Calvin and Emily.  I have never had such exceptional customer service from anybody before.  Not only were they both very warm and friendly, but they went out of their way for me.  I am a photographer, and I use a Canon 6D with a 24-105, 50mm, 430EX flash.  I shoot landscape, fashion, models, urban architecture.  Photography for me is my escape from school, working, from the stresses of daily life.  My mind is a shutter, my eyes are the lens, and my camera is an extension of my mind and eyes.  I have always tried to do my best to take care of my equipment, but I did not want to take the risk of messing with the sensor.  Luckily BK Camera Repair is located from school to work, and their service is phenomenal.  Professional and caring, they treat you like family.  I will always take my camera gear to them as long as I live in this area.  Photography is a love affair with life, so thank you Calvin and Emily for helping me continue to pursue that.  I will recommend you guys to all of my photographer friends."

-Supreet Muppavarapu//Photographer.  For information regarding his work, visit: Supreet Muppavarapu Photography.

"I picked up my Canon EOS 60D along with my 100-400mm L IS USM and 17-85 IS lens on April 3rd.  I dropped it off to have the sensor cleaned along with the lenses and I must say I am deeply thrilled at what an amazing job you guys did at removing the dust from the sensor!  I shoot a ton of aviation/airplane photos with the sky as the primary background in my photos and up until now it has been a real pain and time consuming process to remove 30-40 dust spots.  Granted, even after a thorough clean it still can be difficult to remove every particle, you guys virtually got rid of every dust spot on my sensor!!!!  I am very pleased at the results and I can assure you that you have won any and all my future business.  I will definitely recommend BK Camera to all my fellow aviation enthusiasts and photographers!  Thanks again for your outstanding customer service, quick turn-around and professional workmanship.”

-Cody Pelka//Photographer//American Airlines.  Click here  for inquiries.

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